The transfer bead ring is a round or elliptical bead of red jujube size made of silver, jade or gold. The middle of the bead is hollowed out and the ring made of red silk is put on.

The price of the transfer pearl ring varies from tens of yuan to several thousand yuan depending on the gold material and workmanship.

The number of trans-belt rings is also very meaningful. When choosing, you can choose the corresponding number according to the blessing you want to send:

1 bead-----Good luck for a lifetime

2 beads-----good things in pairs

3 beads-----family happiness

4 beads ----- time to run

5 beads-----section up

6 beads-----Good luck every year

Nylon Cotton Lace Embroidery Fabric

The cord lace fabric is always used for embroideried.We process all kinds of pop embroidery design on this fabric.Of course,the Nylon Cotton Lace Fabirc also can be made for garment dress seperately.

Leave Lace Fabric

Also after embroideried,you can make it as evening party dress so on .Most of these designs are designed by ourselves and you will see that it't very popular and pretty.

Flower Lace Fabric

Cotton Lace Fabric,White Embroidered Cotton Fabric,Nylon Cotton Embroidery Fabric,Nylon Cotton Lace Embroidery Fabric