Veken Home Textiles: Integration of “Spin, Spin, and Sell” Creating “Everybody Spinning” System In recent days, the country's major production areas usher in the harvest season of cotton. The data show that this year's cotton prices have experienced unprecedented volatility: In October 2011, domestic cotton prices were around 20,000 yuan/ton, compared with April before. 30,000 yuan / ton, and in September 2010, the price was 18,000 yuan / ton, before and after the volatility reached more than 50%. Industry insiders said that the large fluctuations in cotton prices will have a greater impact on the price of home textile products, which is detrimental to the company's control of cost and quality stability.

The integration model of “Variation, Spinning, and Selling” of Veken Home Textiles has, to a certain extent, prevented the risks brought about by fluctuations in raw material prices. By integrating raw planting resources, strengthening textile design, and improving sales channels, Veken has created the most complete industrial chain in the home textile industry, effectively resisting raw material risks, not only reducing costs, but also ensuring the stability of quality and price, forming a unique set of competition. Advantage system.

“Variation, Spinning, and Selling” Integration Veken Textiles has the largest high-quality cotton production base in Asia in Aksu, Xinjiang, and up to 10,000 mu of high-quality long-staple cotton raw material base, which guarantees the quality of raw materials from the source. In the selection of varieties, select high-quality cotton such as snow-covered cotton, which has the characteristics of high strength and good moisture resistance, and is a high-grade cotton type. The stable supply of raw materials is not only beneficial to the control of product cost and quality, but also has unmatched advantages for other product brands. Some special fabrics, such as the “Warp Knitting Velvet Technology” adopted by Veken Warm Sleeping Series, need to use high quality. Long-staple cotton is difficult to procure in large quantities in the market. Due to having its own high-quality cotton production base, it has solved the worries of new fabrics for R&D and production.

Veken Home Textiles also promotes production and R&D capabilities as key links in the construction of the industrial chain. Veken owns five major production bases such as Ningbo Beilun Industrial Park and Ningbo Zhenhai Industrial Park. Its production capacity is second to none in the industry. The introduction of German production equipment and standards has also enabled Veken to achieve world-class level in its processes. In terms of design, Veken has Many international first-class home textile design teams have established a comprehensive and multi-form strategic cooperation to ensure the leading position of design and R&D strength in the industry; the use of the Sage ERP X3 platform keeps R&D, production, and marketing in an efficient and high-quality operation. In the state, leading information management is implemented.

In addition, Veken Home Textiles, in addition to improving the existing franchise system, is also embarking on the establishment of an e-commerce system. At present, “Victoria Home Textiles Official Shopping Mall”, “Vico Taobao Mall” and “Xingyang Taobao Mall” have been formed. "Vike pat mall" four major e-commerce system. The e-commerce platform is not only an important supplement to Veken's entity sales, but also can serve as a communication platform for enterprise after-sales services. Enterprises can also publish various corporate policy messages on the e-commerce platform and eventually form an integrated operational network business platform.

It is with the unique integration of the industry chain that Veken has been able to create cost-effective products that achieve “a price advantage in similar products of the same quality and a quality advantage in similar products of the same price”, creating a sharp difference. Features.

The establishment of the “Family Spinning” system industry generally believes that “everybody spinning” will become the development trend of the home textile industry. There are two kinds of interpretations for the concept of “Family Spinning”. One is horizontal understanding. Home textile is considered to be all textiles except garments and industrial textiles, including towels, beds, and curtains. The future market will be Provide consumers with a full range of home textile products and services. Another type of interpretation is vertical “everybody spinning” thinking. Under this model, the company focuses on the production, R&D and sales of a certain type of product, makes the product perfect, and brings the most professional product experience to consumers.

Veken Home Textiles is committed to creating a vertical "everybody spinning" system. Through the establishment of a cotton planting base and five major textile production areas, as well as the integration of international design resources and the establishment of an e-commerce platform, Veken Home Textiles has opened up raw materials procurement, yarn textiles, fabric weaving, home textile design, finished product production, brand marketing and customer service. In order to create a unique "home textile" system and create the most complete home textile industry chain in China's home textile industry, it has become the only brand in the domestic textile industry with upstream and downstream supply chains. Under this system, Veken treats each product with a meticulous attitude. Taking the warm sleeping Kang series as an example, this product achieves the ultimate in warmth retention, warms personally, and obtains national patents, which is generally recognized by the market.

The creation of the home textile industry chain has become Veken's unique competitive advantage, enabling it to be prepared and ready to deal with both the status quo and the future.

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