"VISCAP Wei Sikai" from Italy, on behalf of the European fashion trend of the international fashion brand. To "The soul of music and art" as a fashion faith, the art of beauty and music rhythm into the city life, and once lead the fashion trend, sought after by the fashion upstart enthusiastically.


"Romantic Garden" women's series is the most spring and summer VISCAP2013 spring and summer atmosphere, silk chiffon fabric, layered lace edge, with exuberant flower pattern decoration, full of thick urban charming atmosphere. This series gives people a pleasant visual jumping color, in line with the structure of the aesthetic principle of the ratio is the most important feature of this series, yet subtle elegance.


VISCAP's "Romantic Garden" is by no means a gaudy generation. Designer KY, using an assortment of flowers, but fresh and elegant colors, so that the entire "Romantic Garden" series of flowers smelling. Whether it is a romantic flower skirt or self-cultivation women's suits, a good interpretation of the 2013 spring and summer style of a woman's fashion trends, unique style mixed with gentle, interpretation of the new "romantic garden."


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