A new product market, quickly capture the market in a short time, overwhelming the media advertising is undoubtedly the best marketing tool. However, there is such a maternal and child products business, consumers seldom see its ads in the mainstream media, entering China for only 10 years, but quietly won the trust of many consumers, it is - Pigeon (Pigeon Baby Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Pigeon), a moment from the consumer point of view, through full of love of goods and services for mothers to provide professional, convenient and enjoyable child care experience, always with action interpretation of its Brand phrase "We know you better." Consumer reputation is better than everything Pigeon is from Japan's leading international brand of maternal and child products, since its inception has gone 56 years of development history, has been committed to providing consumers with baby products and services. Since its entry into the Chinese market in 2002, it has continuously expanded its product line and range of services, focusing on localized development. With more than 1,000 types of products nowadays, its business scope extends to prenatal and postnatal related products and childcare support services. Since entering the Chinese market in 2002, sales have been growing at a double-digit annual rate with sales networks all over the country. A low profile to even television, outdoor advertising are rarely seen on the business, why the market share has grown steadily a little bit? Talking about this, Pigeon baby supplies China President Kitazawa constitutional government pointed out: 2002 Pigeon before entering China, under the premise of ensuring the same quality, we have done a lot of market research and found that the consumer groups of maternal and child products reputation is very important. To this end, we had put a lot of energy in building word of mouth and product development, such as through free trial products in the network forums for mothers and children, consumer activities, etc., through personal experience, establish consumer-product Cognition. At the same time, domestic products we also strictly in accordance with the implementation of PQS management, product quality has reached the same level in Japan, consumers have won a very good reputation. At the node where Pigeon (Shanghai) is about to embark on its 10th birthday, Mr. Kitazawa thinks: This decade is a temporary one for Pigeon, which is equivalent to a milestone in the hope that pigeon China's product line will be even more in the next 10 years Rich, even more than Japan, more Chinese mothers to provide a pleasant and happy parenting experience. At the same time, Pigeon also actively strengthen the interaction with customers, with large-scale activities, lectures, concerts and other means of close contact with consumers in order to provide better service. Such as: Pigeon and the Ministry of Health to develop breastfeeding counseling room project to jointly promote the popularization of breastfeeding knowledge, and provide a variety of assistive devices to help feed difficult mothers to solve problems. By the Ministry of Health, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Maternal and Child Health Center, Beijing Maternity Hospital and a large number of professional institutions recognized. Pigeons in the development of enterprises also did not forget to report back to the community, to the Yan Ran long-term provision of specially developed for children with cleft lip and palate bottle special pacifier, for the 2,500 Yan Fund rescue cleft lip and palate children presented Pigeon's love. After Wenchuan and Yushu two earthquakes, Pigeon lend a helping hand, donated a lot of supplies. Since 2008, Pigeon has been helping to build a primary school every year to improve the crowded and backward classrooms and provide a more secure and well-equipped learning environment for teachers and students. Pigeon, always with action interpretation of the true meaning of love. Re-push the drama advocate breastfeeding Pigeons as an infant care products company, with full of love of goods and services for mothers to provide a pleasant and happy parenting experience, but also will be more energy into advocating and advocacy of public welfare breast-feeding Career. It is well-known that breast milk is the most precious gift that mothers can give their children, and it is also the best choice for mothers themselves. It is reported that in 2010, Pigeon launched the drama "Breastfeeding is good," widely acclaimed in the community. This year, Pigeon will once again launch the New Year's drama "Breast Milk in the end," the play will be January 1, 2012, January 2 at the Shanghai Mall Theater grandly! It is understood that the drama is a modern urban drama by the Shanghai modern drama club, Pigeon Baby Products Co., Ltd. jointly "mother and child health" together to create a warmth of the city. The story is about Vera, a successful white-collar woman in modern society, who came up with a variety of comedic experiences to escape breastfeeding after conceiving. Pigeon hopes to arouse mothers through the drama more thinking, so that more people to re-examine the meaning of child care. Breastfeeding is a long-term social undertaking that requires caring, support and help. Pigeon hope to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, to promote and promote breastfeeding in a variety of public welfare activities, in order to enhance and help breastfeed contribute to a force, pass a love. Pigeon baby supplies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. President Kitazawa constitutional government

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