By understanding the history of carnelian, the carnelian is also known as Sadoine or Mecca, and English is also spelled "Carnelian", produced in the Tibetan Plateau. The English name comes from the Latin word "carne" (blood flesh), meaning its orange color. The red chalcedony is a translucent chalcedony with delicate texture, crystal clear, pure and strong color, and high hardness. It is a kind of gemstone with low price.


The legend of carnelian:

The shadow of the red chalcedony can be found in almost every great civilization. From the Ur civilization (the capital of Mesopotamia before the Biblical era) to the Napoleonic era (he brought back a huge octagonal red chalcedony when he was in Egypt) and then to the Tibetan Buddhist civilization, red Chalcedony is preserved with its excellent qualities in medicinal, spiritual and creative world.

The carnelian is a gem of religious color. The god of longevity of the Egyptian goddess Isis in his later years is the carnelian.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used carnelian as a vulture (intaglio) stamp ring. The ancient Romans also symbolically placed dark red chalcedony for men, and pale red carnelian for women.

The mahogany of Muhammad in the Arabian Empire is a sinister carnelian with a silver ring.

Today, Chinese Buddhism, Indian Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism are convinced of the magic of Chalcedony. They also evoke the traditions of ancient Egypt, placing red chalcedony with turquoise and lapis lazuli to enhance themselves. Mana.

The effect of carnelian:

The red chalcedony is beneficial to the human body and has been scientifically demonstrated. According to physical science research, the arrangement and vibration frequency of the red jade atom can increase the magnetic field and blood circulation of the human body, promote metabolism, activate cell tissue, and improve the imaginary.

In summary, the legend and effect of carnelian, through the Xiaobian's understanding of the efficacy of carnelian, I believe will help you, please pay attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network for more details.

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