In our country's ancient books, there are a lot of books about the ancient jade dyeing. Today, Xiaobian will simply introduce a few to my friends, and it is also considered to increase some knowledge! Then let's look down!

The first is the so-called gimmick, which is actually a way to change the jade when using the fire barbecue method!

The second is to seal our carved jade into the living leg of the sheep. After a period of time, if we take it out again, it will have a bloody texture!

The third is dog jade. This is actually after killing the dog, putting the jade and the dog's blood together and burying it in the ground. For a while, there will be a more beautiful plaque on it!

Fourth, it is called Fengyu. This is a way to cook jade with gray water and put it in the snow and let it appear fine cracks!

The fifth is to cook some poor jade, after cooking it with ebony water, then there will be a trace that seems to have been washed by water.

Ok, after reading the above five introductions, is the method very simple and feels very useful? I hope my friends like it!

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