How to maintain turquoise and headache, turquoise is a kind of jewels, usually there are a lot of attention, today let me tell you about how turquoise is usually stored and how to maintain.


Turquoise is a kind of water-containing gemstone. Its characteristic is that it is afraid of high temperature, so the daily maintenance and water are inseparable. It is inseparable from water and inseparable from water. The important thing is said three times.

Usually the preservation of turquoise is in two cases, then we will say one kind

In case of wearing or playing often

In this case, the maintenance is relatively simple, because the turquoise is in contact with the human skin during the process of wearing or playing, and unconsciously it will be contaminated with a layer of oil secreted by the human body. These greases form a thin protective film on the surface of the turquoise to prevent the loose stone from losing water too quickly. At the same time, the oil and sweat will slowly penetrate into the inside of the turquoise, which will change the color of the turquoise. This is a wonderful process.

Of course, in the process of discoloration of the original ore, there will be a period of embarrassment, and it will start to change color, but it is not completely discolored. This is the so-called dish. As long as you stick to it, the parts of the pine stone will disappear. Of course, some people do not like the discoloration of turquoise, which is also very simple, regularly clean the grease on the surface of the turquoise. Rinse with water and do not use any chemical lotion. The maintenance of the turquoise that is worn or in the middle of the game is not so much going to be done. If you put the loose stone without or playing, you will pay more attention.

Place the watch without wearing it

Turquoise is a water-containing gemstone. The loose stone loses water and is not good for the maintenance of the turquoise. Therefore, it is necessary to let it add some water from time to time to maintain its beautiful and moving side. About half a month, soak the turquoise in pure water, let it completely enjoy the water, once a day, then put it in a sealed bag and store it in a cool place. If it is stored in large quantities, it is recommended to keep it in the water and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator to simulate the environment of the rock in the ground. This way, the storage and maintenance of the turquoise is better.

The above said how to maintain and store some of the turquoise in the daily life, then talk about some problems to pay attention to when playing loose stone or relaxing stone.

Daily considerations for Turquoia

1, afraid of high temperatures. As I said before, Turquoise is a kind of gemstone that is afraid of high temperature, so don't take the pine stone and do not expose it to the sun. At high temperatures, the turquoise is likely to lose the crystal water contained in it. It is unstable in the nature of the turquoise, and may crack directly in severe cases.

2, afraid of bumps. The hardness of the turquoise is low, and it is afraid to bump with the hard object. You should pay attention to it during the process of wearing and playing.

3, afraid of chemical lotion. In normal life, you should try to avoid the contact between turquoise and chemical lotion. If you want to use shampoo and shower gel when taking a bath, try to remove the loose stone. Maintenance should start with the details.

4, afraid of dyeing. The water absorption of turquoise makes it afraid of dyeing. It can't be put together with things that will fade, otherwise it is easy to dye other colors. For example, turquoise can not be directly matched with red sandalwood. Don't let the turquoise touch the colored liquid, such as ink, the water absorption is irreversible, and the color will make you feel a headache.

5, afraid of metal. As a commonly used accessory in Tibetan ornaments, Turquoise is often paired with silver spacers. In the long-term contact with the metal, the contact part will be black. No matter what metal is used, it should be directly matched with Turquoise. If the effect is to be matched, remember to separate the septum between the turquoise and the metal.

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