In the jade market, there are many local tyrants. As long as they are real goods, it does not matter if the price is expensive. However, there are also many "scratch parties". These friends are very concerned about the price, and they always hope to find the top grade at a lower price than the market. The advice of "nothing in the line" seems to them to be a bit too absolute. Self-confidence is a good thing, but the premise of self-confidence is that there should be a wealth of knowledge as a backing. How to practice a pair of eye-catching eyes is a process of continuous learning and accumulation. Here are three questions that people often ask, and answer them here.

First, there are a lot of materials in Hetian Mountain?

You can see a lot of mountain materials and bracelets on the market, very white. It is said that it is the mountain material of the Hetian or the mountain water. In fact, these are not the mountain materials of Hetian. What is it? It is Qinghai material and Russian material. In fact, the mountains in the Hetian area have been covered with snow and ice, the mining period is very short, the output is very small, and the defects that have not been very white for many years can produce bracelets and big brands. In addition to the Hetian area, Xinjiang is not producing much, such as sapphire and green white jade. Yutian's mountain material production is also small.

Second, the seed material is very beautiful?

Many people think that the seed material must be skinned. It is not known that 50% of the skin color seen on the market is over-colored. Among them, 70% of the large seed carvings are over-colored, reminding everyone here that in fact, the seed material is too common, it is optimized, not fake, not too big, the key is not that Layer fake leather color to pay.

Third, hand-carved pieces are very common?

Many friends have this feeling. Most of the Russian and Qinghai brands on the market are doing a good job. Is the current working hours so cheap? In fact, these are mostly mechanics, 300 to 400 yuan a mold, There are 20 brands, the first ten don't need to be repaired, and the last ten pieces have to be repaired. Now the mechanics are getting better and better. If you don't say it, you can't see it. In addition, you usually use manual repair. So the knife marks are also there. As for the one or two thousand pieces of exquisite Hetian jade brand, please do not pay for the manual fee.

This is the reason why the price gap between Hetian and Yu is large. At the same time, it is also the reason why many “scratching parties” can be complacent. As everyone knows, it is difficult to buy good goods at a price, and it is even more difficult to find out.

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