For a jade bracelet, any jade bracelet lovers want to have it. Its value is very high. No matter its color, the price of a costume jade bracelet is definitely not low, but Jade bracelet lovers really take the money to go to the world to find a dress jade bracelet but it is difficult to find, is it that the jade bracelet businessman has money to earn?

In fact, the facts are the opposite. Merchants really want to make money, but the jade bracelets are not so easy to encounter. To make a jade bracelet, you must have raw materials first. It is very difficult to have a jade bracelet of the right size. To be suitable for the jade bracelet material, it is also required to be able to cut out the jadeite, layer by layer screening, it can be difficult to have one or two pieces, most of which can not be found.

Shoe Sole

An innovative scientific and technological enterprise integrating design and development of shoe materials (soles), mold manufacturing, shoe materials (soles) production and marketing services; the company's technical research and development team, composed of more than ten masters, doctors and experts, has strong research and development technical force, and currently has dozens of rubber and plastic new material invention patent technology and utility model patent technology. With China leather and shoemaking industry research institute, we have jointly established "rubber shoe material research institute" and "zhidahang new material international research and development center". With "comfort, fashion and environmental protection" as the core consumption elements, the rubber leisure sole researched, designed and produced by the company has become the first choice of many leisure Shoes brands and enterprises in China, and is highly praised and welcomed by customers and consumers in the industry. The products have always led the trend, fashion and direction of domestic leisure shoes market. Cooperate closely with many famous shoes brands at home and abroad;

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