Underwear , seemingly simple two words, but contains a lot of knowledge and knowledge, each woman has different views on underwear, there are different options, but many people identified a type rarely after the new Choice, perennial wearing only one style of a model of underwear, do not know the chest in different periods will have different changes, according to changes in wear underwear is the best way to maintain the health of the chest.

Figure: urban thousand beautiful underwear

Lace, lace, embroidery and other uncompromising underwear to meet the visual enjoyment of women, coupled with a good gathering function, wearing a very, immediately show the perfect curve, instant self-confidence overflowing. However, this type of underwear wear will have a tight feel, so only suitable for working hours to wear.

为什么要不同时期穿不同内衣 一直穿同款内衣有什么伤害

Figure: urban thousand beautiful underwear

Many women in the vacation before will have chest swelling problems, then wear gathers type underwear is easy to hurt the chest, should choose some cotton material, soft underwear style to wear, both to maintain the chest without Will pressure the chest, give the chest a free breathing space.

1 High temperature resistance

2 High Resistance to Pulling, Fiber strength: 0.215 N/D, 5 times of steel

3 High Elastic Modulus: 4.9~9.8 N/D

4 Dimensional Stability

5 Outstanding flame retardant will not melt in high temperature of 220'C

6 Bulletproof property: acting as source of bulletproof vest, bulletproof 

supplies and other protective clothing

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