Even in the winter, still can not give up on the wide leg pants favorite, then let it continue to accompany your winter it. What kind of jacket is suitable for wide leg pants? Black wide leg pants with what color to take more color? Into the Meng Jie Shi Dan you know it!

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Cortical wide leg pants compared to the general wide leg pants, more texture, so wear naturally more stylish, select the appropriate length of seven, both thin and not easy to pierce the "dwarf "a feeling of. The shirt can also choose a clean black sweater, all black inside take no added a sense of cool yet. Coupled with a pull-style jujube jacket, large can fit into your cuff, the flesh and blood on your arm are hidden invisible, like a "butterfly" version, it also looks more personality Unique, exudes a thick Japanese flavor.

阔腿裤适合搭枣红色外套吗 冬天怎么穿才时尚有型

If you feel so bold coat, can not control their own words, you can try a coat of conventional models, Straight version, there will be thin visual effects, cuffs to increase processing, taking full account of autumn and winter clothing to wear more Many cases, at any time to allow both hands without restraint, freedom of movement. In the long length, the average woman can hold live, more in line with the needs of everyday wear.

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