Formerly known as the Yuanyuanxing wig shop, it was founded in the thirty-fourth year of the Guangxu reign of Qing Dynasty (1908), and is known as the "wig king". The store has its own wig factory, which uses real hair to design and manufacture all kinds of wigs for the hair loss customers to purchase. For some local hair loss caused by work injuries and diseases, carefully prepare the hair pieces of different shapes for the convenience of customers. Yongqing has launched a series of special services: telephone appointments, customized services, fake repairs, cuts, and one-stop service. It is praised by customers as a store that “gets annoyed people”.

At present, the wig selection of the store has been developed from the real hair to the artificial hair; the wig production has also been developed from the real hair processing to the introduction of artificial hair sets. Yongqing wig production technology was awarded the intangible cultural heritage of Huangpu District in 2007.

Morning Post reporter Tao Ningning

In the prosperous Yuyuan Shopping Mall, there is a wig with a long-standing wig: a long or short wig is displayed in front of the store, and a post-store is a separate hairdressing room.

This is a 103-year-old wig shop, Yongqing wig. In 2007, Yongqing wig making skills were rated as the intangible cultural heritage of Huangpu District. In 103 years, Yongqing wigs tell the same story - wigs true feelings.

In the future, in the future, how to make this story more popular, for the century-old store leader, female master Ma Xiwen, is a big challenge. "Now, many foreign brands have entered Shanghai, which makes us a lot of pressure as an old brand." Ma Xiwen said that the times are changing, people's needs are changing, and as the old name and non-legacy, it is necessary to conform to the development of the times. We will also introduce more new products according to your needs, but one thing that must be passed down is the technology and service of Evergreen wigs to select, repair and cut hair. ”

From fake dice to black hair rebirth

Unlike many crafts and techniques that have not changed in the intangible cultural heritage for more than a century, the Evergreen wig has changed a lot since its inception in the thirty-fourth year of the Guangxu reign (AD 1908), but without these changes. Perhaps this famous brand can not continue to this day.

In the thirty-fourth year of Guangxu Emperor Guangxu, in 1908, there was a bar shop on the front of the temple in the west of the Chenghuang Temple. The name of the shopkeeper was Qi Yuanxing. Qi Yuanxing started from a street stall and specializes in small commodities such as combs, wigs and mirror boxes. At that time, the wigs sold by Yan Yuanxing were only fake scorpions of the Qing men, but as China's last feudal dynasty went down, the scorpion gradually lost its necessity.

Yan Yuanxing soon changed the scope of business to the wig used by the opera actor. Some of the wealthy local ladies, Miss Tai, had a beautiful appearance like a professional actor in order to vote for themselves, and also rushed to buy such a wig. As a result, the business of Yan Yuanxing has become more and more prosperous.

However, one day a visit by a special customer changed the wig shop of Qi Yuanxing. This customer has been suffering from hair loss since middle age, and he has repeatedly sought medical treatment, which is painful. He heard that the Yuan dynasty wig was famous, and he did not hesitate to come from other provinces. Qian Yuanxing could not stand his pleading and promised to make a special wig for him.

Removed the exaggeration of the wig on the stage of the drama, and Yuan Yuanxing measured the position and shape of the man. When the man returned to his hometown with the wig that Qian Yuanxing created for him, his relatives and friends were all amazed, thinking that it was a black-haired rebirth. The reputation of the Yuan Yuanxing wig has also spread.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Yuyuan Mall named "Yongqing Wig" as the "Yongqing Wig" in 1972. And the type of wig it operates has evolved from the original scorpion to the drama wig, until now we have seen the realistic wig.

Leukemia girl enlightened her

Ma Xiwen was an old employee who came to Yongqing wig in 1994. He was also a successor who was trained by the older generation of Yongqing wigs. "Whether the wigs sold by Evergreen wigs have changed, the services that the masters have taught us to tailor the haircuts for the guests have never changed in the past 100 years." Ma Xiwen said.

Unlike the chefs who use scissors to make haircuts in the store, Ma Xiwen can make a commission as long as he successfully sells a headgear to the customer. 1994 was the time when wigs were popular, and people who just learned to be fashionable wanted to have a different wig. In the Yongqing wig shop, customers line up long queues to buy a hood, every three or four minutes, the store will sell a hood.

Every day, Ma Xiwen is busy to improve his sales performance. As for how the customers' real hair and wigs are intertwined, how to look more realistic, special customers have special requirements to meet... Those are the masters. The matter, Ma Xiwen did not even think about these problems.

After the fake fever gradually receded, the work of selling wigs was no longer so busy, and Ma Xiwen had more time to observe what the masters did every day. She gradually discovered that the value of this job is not measured by how many wigs are sold every day, it has a more meaningful side.

16 years ago, the shop came to a little girl in the third grade of elementary school. Her skin was fair and her eyes were big, but her head was bright. The girl's father quietly told the staff of Evergreen Wig that the child had leukemia. Young children don't know how terrible they are. She only knows that she is different from other children: other children have hair and lice, but she doesn't.

"Uncle, I want hair!" Looking at the store's dazzling array of wigs, the little girl pleaded with Huang Jianhua, the teacher of Yongqing Wigshop. Ma Xiwen saw this scene. She still remembers the little girl's longing for hair. She also remembers the joy that Huang Jianhua showed from every look and movement after she made a haircut for the girl.

This is the first time that Ma Xiwen has had a new understanding of the wig industry. The first time the little girl came to the store and she was wearing a wig, she was so happy that Ma Xiwen suddenly felt that the hair was for a person. So important.

It took two years to practice watching people.

Ma Xiwen began to ask for various techniques related to wigs. Huang Jianhua became his teacher. Just the color and material of the wig, Ma Xiwen spent a lot of time to get acquainted. However, these knowledge that can only be mastered by meticulousness is not to make Ma Xiwen guilty. "The most difficult thing is how to create a wig suitable for different people."

Ma Xiwen said that during that time she was no longer busy selling, but holding a comb while combing the wig and carefully watching how the master took care of the wig for the customer. “The process of this observation lasted for about two years, and it’s easy to say now, but the process is very boring.”

With the ability to see people, Ma Xiwen is more aware of his own deficiencies, how to make the thoughts are the key. Not only must I learn to cut hair and blow hair with the master, since 1999, Ma Xiwen has enrolled in the study class to learn about beauty and clothing. “The hairstyle and the person’s face, makeup and what they usually like are very relevant. If they don’t match, it will be unnatural.”

When asked about the difference between being a wig and a general hairdresser, Ma Xiwen immediately shook his head and said, "It's not the same, it's totally different." "The hairdresser trims the hair for the same person, his hair is the same. But the wig The division is different. The customer's hair is first divided into two parts: the real hair and the hair sleeve. The hair sleeve may be synthesized from real hair and chemical fiber materials. That is to say, the hair of the same customer is several." Ma Xiwen told reporters that the different kinds of hair, the scissors used, the strength of the pruning, the gestures will be different. "At first, I feel very unaccustomed. I feel that I can't cut the scissors. I can't cut it. The effect. I practiced for a long time before I gradually felt."

Wig story

How to make the head and hair fusion

For many years, Ma Xiwen met a variety of customers, and these customers also let her have a deeper understanding of how to be a wig.

What impressed Ma Xiwen most was a Japanese tourist. "He changed my view on weaving wigs. From then on, I rarely use woven methods to pick up wigs." Ma Xiwen told reporters that editing is a very popular way of connecting wigs at the beginning of this century. Its characteristics It’s a combination of a wig and a real hair. “It’s very natural and firm, that is, you can’t pull it with force.”

The compilation of the fakes really made it popular. "But when I saw the scalp of the Japanese tourist, I was shocked." It turned out that the Japanese tourists who used the braided hair when they traveled to China, caused dermatitis due to environmental changes, and firmly The woven wig makes his scalp unable to breathe, can not be applied, and the dermatitis condition is getting worse. Finally, the miserable Japanese tourists found the Evergreen wig, "firm but not breathable, even if the skin is allergic, it can't be treated in time. This is something I have never thought of before." Ma Xiwen said that after this, even the customer requested Weaving wigs, she will actively recommend using hair clips, hair clips or glue to fix wigs.

Transmission technology is more important to pass the service

As the teacher in the store gradually retired, Ma Xiwen has become the leader of the Evergreen wig. "Now, young people love beauty and wear wigs to change their styling. The wig industry will usher in a spring. But despite this, I don't feel relaxed in my heart." Ma Xiwen took the reporter out of the shop door of Evergreen wig. Just beside this old name, there is a small imported wig shop with a large facade, which is also fashionable and varied.

The entry of foreign brands is undoubtedly a major test for the old brands. “In terms of quality, they are not inferior to the century-old brand. Even some Japanese brands have high-tech advantages.” Ma Xiwen often thinks that compared with these high-quality and fashionable foreign wig brands, Evergreen wigs are in addition to the price. In addition to the advantages, what else can compete with it?

"It's technology, and services." Ma Xiwen said that in recent years, there have been four young masters in the Yongqing wig shop, and some of them still have hairdressing foundations. “I will teach our experience to the other teachers in the store. Now, other wig brands are still mainly sales, and it is rare to be tailored. After purchase, you can enjoy the repair service. It is very rare. I think that we can only continue this unique, century-old service and pass on the golden scissors of Evergreen wigs in order to have a competitive advantage in today's market."

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