Ramie fabric


Ramie fabric fiber length, fiber length than cotton even longer several times, after degumming processing ramie fiber gloss, white. Ramie fabric is characterized by breathable fabric, which is mainly due to its structure of the large gap, so very breathable, absorbent and highly efficient wet-loss, or cotton, ramie fiber strength is more than 7 times the cotton, and low extensibility , Light, about 20% lighter than cotton, but not afraid of moth-eaten, not afraid of mold.

Concept of home service


March 16, 2007, China Textile Commercial Association Home Service Committee was formally established in Nanjing, initially proposed the definition of home service: home-related, can reflect all the family culture apparel products. Home wear evolved from the pajamas, expanding the scope of wear, it can be said is out of blue and outweigh the blue. Home wear due to the needs of the family culture, including the traditional dressing in the bedroom of the pajamas and robes, sexy sundresses, including the family can now get out of the hall decent furniture, can get into the kitchen work clothes, you can go to Community walk casual wear. Home Service Festival March 22, 2008, China Textile Commercial Association Home Service Committee passed the annual September 15 as "Home Service Festival", called on consumers to care for the family, love themselves. On behalf of the domestic service commission on behalf of enterprises will be called on that day colleagues wear home clothes to work to create a relaxed and harmonious working environment, and guide the new lifestyle experience. Clothing functions Health Metropolitan people work intense and heavy, clothing in the outfit at work and social process, numerous dust and bacteria contaminated, and some people due to indoor and clothing pollution allergic skin itching, severe cases can cause allergies Dermatitis and some skin chronic disease. If you go home immediately put on a clean, tidy, stylish home clothing, not only health but also relieve the fatigue of the day, people enjoy their own home to enjoy the music, what a pleasant!

health care


The body's skin is the largest respiratory organ, it has the temperature, absorption, detoxification, immunity, gas exchange and other functions. However, outside busy urban people, long-term air pollution attacks, and workwear shackles, the skin is not well adjusted, some recessive or dominant cause of illness take advantage of ... and give the skin an unfettered sense of freedom and Comfort, choose high-quality, comfortable home service to treat and relieve some of the tension diseases and physiological pain have wonderful effect.

Medical authorities pointed out that the choice of suitable home service can eliminate the nervous system of the abdominal viscera tension, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, the nervous system regulation, increase adaptation and immunity, reduce tension caused by chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, Skin inflammation and so on. And choose a good color pajamas fabric can relieve stress, relieve insomnia, dreams, headache phenomenon. And can improve the hands and feet cold, hard to fall asleep and other conditions. With the worldwide outbreak of SARS in 2003 and the outbreak of H5HI epidemic, the preventive measures for diseases in daily life more need home service. This not only reflects the emphasis on their own health, but also represents the care for their families.

Create a comfortable home environment


Busy day outside, back home, the first thing to do is to change a set of easy, comfortable clothes. The average person back home, just look for pieces of clothing to the body OK, and do not care about clothes styles, colors, not to mention beautiful and healthy. In fact, for a beautiful, comfortable, generous home service will not only make your house beautiful outside, but also the best embodiment of the beauty of human and clothing, make you feel relaxed. Many happy and well-to-do families all know how to create a home culture and a love atmosphere. Similarly, as a person living in a "home", they should also be able to match or add such a culture and atmosphere to their clothing. Routine, outgoing ladies get up early in the morning and, without changing their clothes, go to the kitchen to cook breakfast or go to a convenience store near their home to buy what they need. In the expensive home service, the design of home clothes is beautiful and practical, wearing these clothes to read newspapers at home, watching videos, doing relaxing yoga and receiving visitors or friends, not rude. "Most Potential Industry" As a Western "imported goods", home service entered China in the 1980s. To the 90s of last century, with the improvement of people's spending power, the huge market power of home service gradually appeared in the world. More and more apparel manufacturers, including the original bra, warm underwear business, such as Connie Ya, Betina and so on, have spontaneously eyeing the home service. In just a dozen years, more than 1,000 enterprises specialized in home furnishing and part-time production of home furnishing services formed a preliminary "enterprise cluster." According to Peng Guifu, vice chairman of the China Textile Commercial Association and director of the domestic service professional committee, at present, the annual consumption of domestic service in China has exceeded 10 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of over 30%, making it the fastest-growing variety in the apparel industry. "China's home service is still in its infancy, so far, the market potential of home service to play less than 10%, there is a great market space to tap.

Fashion really meaning


The term "fashion" is the trend of the world, a spokesman for the fashion English, almost always hang on the lips of some people, frequently appear in the press media. Many people have different understanding of fashion, some people think that fashion is simple, and its luxury waste, not as simple and frugal; sometimes fashion just to be unconventional; gives a fresh look with the style of the king, the reality of many people are not synchronized with fashion Refers to the old fashioned, outdated; the so-called fashion, is a combination of time and fashion. The so-called time is time, nowadays, that is, in a time period; still, there are advocating, noble, high grade, leading.

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