On January 9th this site , walking in the streets of winter, you will be able to catch others' eyes for a moment. In addition to a full coat jacket, it is indispensable to mix the boots of popular fashion! Although the boots are stretched It's also a good time on the stage, but the designers are always able to play new tricks in the boot season, especially in the style of ankle boots. They can watch the new designs on Runway. Knowing that one or two, plus the summer cool elements such as open toe, mesh yarn, etc. have also been incorporated into the fall and winter boots, the seasonal restrictions gradually compromise with fashion; this week Item Hunter selected five unique styles of boots, staged a Field induced by the fashion factor.

Basic section

Basic section:

The simplicity of the basic model may not leave a strong impression on you when you first meet, but the introverted design of flowing water is the main reason why we must have it! The simplicity but there is no lack of goodness, the detailed design of the boots, cleverly left the master Inspirational footprints such as furry pendants by Nicolas Kirkwood, or cool metal used by Jason Wu in the heel; the five ankle boots show five different textures, and the color options are sometimes conservative. , From time to time, all kinds of rivets are also being used, placed in different locations, and have different personalities.

1. Christian Louboutin High heel ankle boots Black rivet ankle boots 2. Valentino Leather ankle boots Red brown rivet ankle boots 3. Nicolas Kirkwood Leather with fur ankle boots Pale color fur pendant fish mouth ankle boots 4. Burak Uyan Belted leather ankle Boots Lake Green Buckle Studded Ankle Boots 5. Jason Wu Metallic heel leather ankle boots

And ankle boots

And ankle boots:

The well-designed high-pitched design is really the heart that will provoke a woman's desire, the ever-changing lines of delicate lines, the accuracy of the proportions of designers mastering is indeed admirable, minus one point plus one point, will make the boots attitude Not enough; people say that choosing shoes will choose their own personality, so where does the heart of the heart go? Jimmy Choo nude mesh material, Jerome C. Rousseau hollow, small open toe and heel type The looming charm is looming; Christian Dior wraps around the fringe of the ankle, swaying between the steps, and it is more lively; Alexander Wang crosses the belt and Nina Ricci bandage design, rational and strong with a sexy essence.

1. Jimmy Choo Limpid gauze high heel ankle boots nude fishnet ankle boots 2. Jerome C. Rousseau Sandle-shape limpid ankle boots black hollow carved ankle boots 3. Christian Dior Tassel high heel ankle boots maroon ankle tassel boots 4 . Alexander Wang Crisscross millitary ankle boots Army Green Cross Ankle Boots 5. Nina Ricci Strings high heel ankle boots Black Bandage Ankle Boots

Platform shoes

Platform shoes:

The heavy weight has once again returned to the fashion circle. When we first touched the high-heeled shoes, we were always guided by a steady wedge. However, recently the designers unspokenly followed the wedge-shaped platform to show their intentions. In addition to Nicolas Kirkwood and Burberry Prorsum, which seem to be increasing the heel endlessly, designs such as hollow carvings have been injected in large quantities, making shoes an installation art that is free from old impressions; Emporio Armani creates a simple modern transparent heel. With black lines and beautiful lines, Alaia and Jil Sander's partially excavated hollow heels allow the artwork to be displayed dynamically as it moves.

1. Nicolas Kirkwood Decorative pattern platform Burberry Prorsum Suede and canvas lace-up platform Army Green Suede Ankle Boots 3. Alaia Python and suede cutout ankle boots Black Leather Embossed Platform Skeleton Boots 4. Emporio Armani Clear wedge ankle boots Black transparent and wedge-type fish-mouth ankle boots 5. Jil Sander Leather wedge ankle boots Black metal buckle thick-soled wedge ankle boots

Animal fur boots

Animal fur boots:

How could the magnificent animal pattern and fur be able to miss this winter war situation? Alejandro Ingelmo's towering shoe upper, using a wonderful mix of different animal prints, is surprising to see that herbivorous and carnivorous animals can also get along peacefully; Ralph Lauren and Diego Dolcini put a single coat of woolly grass on their feet, creating a unique and feminine temperament. Alexandre Birman's tubular leopard fur is even more wild and wild; With a proud attitude, this pair of Jimmy Choo definitely makes fun of it, incorporating the elements of the rope pattern weaving, entangled in the winding side again to be decorated with feathers, showing the original style of the jungle tribe.

1. Alejandro Ingelmo Zebra pattern leather ankle boots Ankle boots 2. Ralph Lauren Leather and shearling ankle boots Black buckled ankle boots 3. Jimmy Choo Feathers-decoration high heel boots Black ankle feathered fish midget boots 4. Diego Dolcini Fur and suede ankle boots Sable ankle boots 5. Alexandre Birman Leopard shearing-trimmed boots Brown leopard cylinder boot

Knee boots

Knee boots:

Although the boots section is also constantly updated with fashion pulse, but the original design style is always difficult to be abandoned by the era; girls friends will always have boots that can not put into the cupboard, he is like a clean white canvas, the masters are free Whether it is plain or high-heeled, plain or high-heeled? Is it plain or figurative? Bringing together many inspirations to create ever-changing shapes; Miu Miu and GUCCI's plain-faced style, with a rope shuttle, pass the woman's sexy, Pierre Hardy Choose from brown leather on black leather; Stuart Weitzman uses two different leopard prints before and after, flat boots make animal patterns have another casual feeling; Rene Caovilla is covered with carved decorations of boots, will The fish-mouth shoes and boots of the dinner party were combined to create a rich atmosphere.

1. Stuart Weitzman Leopard pattern flat knee boots 2. Leopard pattern flat boots 2. Miu Miu Lace-up suede high heel knee boots 2. Suede high heel knee boots 3. Rene Caovilla Multi-decoration high heel knee boots Boots 4. GUCCI Suede Leather high heel knee boots Grey suede straps lap boots 5. Pierre Hardy Leather knee boots

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