Wool fiber has a natural protective film, so that the aqueous solution is not easy to enter the inside of the fiber. When the stain is spilled onto the carpet, timely absorption of the stain is the absolute removal of the carpet stain.

The carpet stains can be effectively removed by the following four steps:

1. Use a clean white towel or paper towel to maximize the removal of solid or liquid stains from the carpet;

2. Wash with a suitable cleaning agent, do not rub or scrub the stains, do not pour the cleaning agent directly onto the carpet;

3. Can only be rinsed with cold water or warm water;

4. Drain the stain with a hygroscopic paper towel or use a blower to dry it with cold air.

Different types of stains need to be cleaned with different types of carpet cleaners. If carpets are heavily contaminated, they may need to be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company.

Choose a specialized carpet cleaning company

For every one to two years of use of the carpet, the professional carpet cleaning company should be thoroughly cleaned. The New Zealand Wool Secretariat recommends that professionally trained and experienced operators use professional carpet cleaning machines (hot water cleaning) for carpet cleaning. Before hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, you must understand the company's professional qualifications and whether the employees are professionally trained.

A first-class carpet cleaning company, cleaning procedures can be as many as seven processes to achieve satisfactory cleaning results. Many people are disappointed with the cleaning effect of the carpet. After the carpet is cleaned for a short time, the carpet becomes untidy. The reason may be that the carpet cleaning company failed to completely rinse the cleaning agent. These residual cleaning agents are very easy to attract dust. . Professional carpet cleaning will make the carpet look new, so pay more, please use a reputable professional carpet cleaning company to clean your wool carpet is the smart choice.

Protective chemical treatment

Since wool fibers have natural antifouling properties, it is generally not necessary to carry out additional antifouling treatment. There are a number of treatments that provide additional protection to the wool carpet, and these treatments are only carried out during the carpet manufacturing process and should not be chemically treated once the carpet has been laid. Because of the local treatment of the carpet, its effect is short-lived, especially in areas with large human flows. Once this happens, carpets in different areas of the room will have different anti-fouling properties, affecting the overall appearance of the carpet. The protective treatment of the carpet may not cause damage to the wool carpet, but the effect will not last for a long time, and it may invalidate the quality assurance of the carpet manufacturer.

Misunderstanding about lanolin

Lanolin is a natural oil on wool and a companion to wool. Many people have a misconception: "It is believed that lanolin can protect wool carpet from pollution, and carpet cleaning will remove lanolin, thus making wool carpet become Vulnerable to pollution." The opposite is true. Before the spinning, the wool has to undergo a scouring process. During the scouring process, the lanolin has been removed. If there is residual lanolin, it will attract dust particles and make the dust accumulate in the carpet. Carpet surface.

Chromatic aberration (also known as "watermark")

Common in cut pile carpets, it is similar to indentations, but it is permanent, it is due to the effect of the piles falling in different directions, reflecting light in different directions. It is not a manufacturing problem and it does not affect the life of the carpet.

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