The color associated with "霾" is usually gray, while the MINNANHUI 2019 autumn and winter series has evolved from the theme of "霾" to evolve a colorful autumn and winter collection, once again landing in Shanghai Fashion Week.

In describing the concept of "霾", the designer Hui Minnan first thought of not a gray screen, but a figurative female image in the misty sky: she wore thick clothes and walked in the haze with an umbrella. Looking from afar, a touch of color slowly moves in the gray background, looming, releasing life. The artistic conception drawn from "霾" reflects the deep thinking of the designer, and uses a visual language to break through the stereotype of the public and make a powerful counterattack. MINNANHUI 2019 autumn and winter series will inject vitality into the "霾", and transform into a unique "霾" in the bright shadow.

The new collection follows the theme of red and green in spring and summer of 2019, emphasizing contrast with darkness through intense visual contrast. Color block stitching and mosaic plaid are repeated as the main visual elements, and are shuttled in various knitted, woven and woven fabrics: dense knit, knit color jacquard, wool long plaid, mosaic print... will MINNANHUI The imagination of Tianma Starry is put into the use of fabrics, allowing the colors to jump in different texture materials, like the rhythmic breathing frequency, which infects the entire show atmosphere. At this time, "霾" has been forgotten, and the impressions in the designer's mind are in the sensory experience of the audience.

In addition to the tight-knit knitting series, the MINNANHUI 2019 Fall/Winter collection also incorporates hand-made knit sweaters and intarsia-based sweaters. The corrugated lace is used to make a three-dimensional outline of the stitching, so that the stitching in the knitting series is more layered and dynamic. In addition, the color stitching fur jacket, the silhouette of the jacket silhouette meets the cold weather in winter. The mosaic plaid print design applied to down jacket style is especially special: the situation of “霾” blurred line of sight is exactly the same as that of mosaic, and the continuous superposition of layers in plaid print design is reminiscent of the respiratory filtration system, echoing “霾” Theme of. The bold mosaic color plaid print is first applied to the down jacket style, breaking the consistent monochrome impression of the down jacket, so that the gloomy winter is no longer dull.

Designer Hui Minnan continues to expand the product category, especially the development of color bags, hats and scarves. The super-bright leather bags that can be used to keep the show, the fashionable and practical spelling handbags, and the colorful hats that echo the theme color, make the visual display of the whole show more rich and complete. The catwalk glasses are sponsored by THE OWNER, which is highly sought after by stars. The bag is jointly designed by GIVINGBACK and MINNANHUI. GIVINGBACK is committed to re-creating the "disused advertising cloth", with the concept of fashion, sustainability and social responsibility as the brand concept, so that the "advertising cloth" is reborn and becomes a new product of the trend and returns to people's side.

The 2019 autumn and winter series "霾" is the re-exploration of the MINNANHUI brand's maverick and artistic style. The reverse thinking of "霾" and the color visual presentation once again strengthen the brand's style. Hui Minnan hopes that women will continue to show their unique charm in the face of adversity and maintain a positive attitude.

The MINNANHUI brand was founded in the UK and was founded by Hui Minnan, a designer who graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Hui Minnan has worked in John Galliano, Mary Katrantzon and Alexander McQueen, and has extensive design experience and advanced design concepts. The same-named brand MINNANHUI is designed for women aged 18-30 with a strong sense of innovation and independence. “Do not follow the trend, not blindly follow the crowd” is to express creative, casual and not casual artist temperament, incorporate the design ideas into the clothing series, re-form the design with high-grade custom, from the secondary development of the fabric, the dazzling color The collocation, the innovation of the craft and the design of the style all reflect the spiritual world of “independence” and “self” of MINNANHUI. After the first Shanghai Fashion Week last year, MINNANHUI received rave reviews, and this season once again chose to appear in Shanghai Fashion Week, once again won the media, buyers and VIP customers.

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Bride Evening Dress, Party Evening Dress, Ball Evening Dress, Charity Evening Dress