The hottest summer is coming, and our garments are getting thinner and thinner. How can we blow in the occasional breeze, "no trace", how can we spend the most embarrassing days spent safely? If you are being bothered with these issues, hurry up and see.

My elegant without leaving marks:

Love Modal Seamless waist pants, using modal material-based material, soft to the touch, has a natural wrinkle resistance and easy care, comfortable fit upper body skin, can create sexy buttocks, the most important is that no matter what style clothes are Oh no trace Oh ~ six colors to choose from, to meet all the needs.

Summer will be fresh and breathable:

Summer is coming, the most annoying hot. Mushrooms are not trying every day to make themselves cool. Xiaomu there is a small effort. Love kiss kiss series panties, cool sense of ultra-fine material, skin soft, light and soft, upper body more skin and comfortable, cotton bottom crotch, with the most delicate side care woman intimate place, so that the private sector fully exposed to the air, Bring "breathe" like a healthy feeling.


Eliminate those small embarrassment:

A few days a month is the most irritable woman a few days. Wearing clothes will also be a lot of inconvenience due to a variety of restrictions. Xiao Mu recommended love seamless physiological pants series, the use of ultra-fine cotton spandex fabric, breathable, the bottom of the crotch with a special waterproof fabric, has been extended to the buttocks, can effectively avoid the physiological contamination of outer pants.

Pairs of underwear, what to wear look good. Is not it?

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