September 1, 2014, Zhuowei Le children's wear Dongguan Houjie Rainbow counters grand opening! Rainbow Department Store is a well-known department store system, its "affinity and trust, enjoy life," the core values ​​of the brand recognized by consumers, Zhuowei Le children's clothing and the cooperation of Tianhong, a single in Shenzhen Tianhong system, Zhuowei Le entered the Henggang, Shahe two places, coupled with the arrival of Hangzhou Tianhong, even more Zhuowei Le to further open up the market in the Yangtze River Delta laid the foundation! Dongguan Houjie, the Pearl River Delta east coast, Sui Hong Kong Economic Corridor, the regional center of the prominent town of Dongguan. Zhuowei Lele children's clothes for the children here to add a British fashion trend, will give the children a fantastic, colorful childhood. Zhuowei Le children's clothing, in order to use good quality, excellent design style, excellent service experience, consumers have won the recognition, we will also always focus on providing customers with high quality, healthy, comfortable and stylish children's clothing! Wish Zhuowei Le Dongguan Houjie Tianhong store business is booming, career take off!

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